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The difference between ESG and impact investing and why it matters

Check out this article by Neil Gregory at IFC - International Finance Corporation and Kusi Hornberger at Dalberg.

How is Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing different from impact investing?

There are 3 key requirements of investors to ensure their investments are impact investments and not ESG:
1) Selection of assets with intent for impact
2) A contribution to the impact of the investee firm
3) Objective measurement of that impact

These practices, enshrined in the Operating Principles for Impact Management, are what ensure that investments make a real, positive impact, and help the market avoid ‘impact washing.’

Celebrating 100 Signatories
100 Signatories & Beyond

The Operating Principles for Impact Management reached a new milestone: 100 Signatories! The Impact Principles continue to gain momentum with global investors, and the Signatories now represent 30 countries, including recent signers from from Brazil, Costa Rica and India. Welcome to AvantFaire Investment Management Limited as the 100th Signatory. The Impact Principles are helping to change the conversation around impact, requiring greater transparency on how impact investments are managed and fostering the development of best practices.

Release of IFC Growing Impact Report (June 5, 2020)

Growing Impact—New Insights into the Practice of Impact Investing provides an overview and prospects for growth of the impact investing market and characteristics of the current Signatories to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. It also presents 32 case studies prepared by Signatories on their implementation of the Impact Principles.

Celebrating One Year of the Operating Principles for Impact Management

Welcome new signatories to the Operating Principles for Impact Management community.