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Building a winning forest impact investment strategy - Blog by The ForestLink
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The ForestLink’s Building a winning forest impact investment strategy series discusses why you need to be strategic in how you measure, report and verify impact within your investment strategy – for credibility, business growth, and risk reduction, in a way that won’t strip profit from your bottom line.

 Read on to learn more about various methodologies and considerations for designing your impact report.

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Driving Impact Through SDG Alignment

Emmy Hawker, ESG Investor

June 23, 2021 


The Impact Principles serve as a standard for investors aligning their impact investments with the SDGs. Diane Damskey, Head of the Secretariat, discusses the relation between SDGs and the Impact Principles in this ESG Investor article.


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Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Study 2021

Latest findings from the Swiss Sustainable Finance's market study suggests the notion of impact is catching on among Swiss sustainable investors. With annual growth of 70%, impact investing experienced the highest growth rate of all sustainable investment approaches in 2020. Operating Principles for Impact Management stands out as the most widely accepted standard, adopted by half of those reporting impact investments. The top five impact investment topics of asset managers include housing/ community development, water, environment, microfinance, and energy.

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ODI/EDFI Volume of Essays on the harmonization of Impact Standards

This essay series focuses on the three themes of the 2021 European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) impact conference, which was held in May 2021:

  1. The catalytic effects of gender-smart investing (Sustainable Development Goal 5)
  2. Climate finance impact and related developmental concerns (Sustainable Development Goal 13)
  3. The harmonization of impact management and reporting.

The essays also bring forward insights on the state of impact management and measurement systems and practices as analyzed from public disclosures by Signatories to the Impact Principles.

This rich set of essays brings together a wide range of perspectives from academics, researchers and practitioners and covers reviews of impact in these areas, as well as methodological issues which can advance our thinking and understanding in these areas.