Signatory Process


Organizations may become a Signatory at the corporate, line of business, fund or investment strategy level.  In the event that not all assets of the Signatory will align with the Impact Principles, then a list of the assets that will align with the Impact Principles (Covered Assets) must be provided. 

To become a Signatory, an organization must complete and submit a Signatory Letter affirming its adoption of the Impact Principles, provide its total assets under management (AUM), the assets that will align with the Impact Principles (Covered Assets), agree to publish an annual Disclosure Statement and pay a one-time Registration Fee.

The annual Disclosure Statement describes the alignment of the Signatory's impact management systems with each of the Impact Principles. In the Disclosure Statement, the Signatory will affirm its status as a Signatory, provide a list of the Covered Assets, and the AUM of the Covered Assets.  It will describe how each Principle is incorporated into its investment systems and processes, and may describe the extent of the alignment with each Principle.  At regular intervals, the conclusions of an independent verification report must be provided, affirming that its impact management system is in alignment with the Impact Principles.

Signatories will provide the Secretariat with the link to where the Disclosure Statement and independent verification report are posted on their website and direct links to each that may be posted on the Impact Principles website. The first Disclosure Statement must be provided on or before the first anniversary of the effective date of the Signatory Letter.

Signatories agree to remit a one-time Registration Fee to the Secretariat within 45 days of the invoice being sent. The fee is based upon the Signatory's total AUM:

  • AUM less than US$50MM:  US$2,500
  • AUM of US$ 50MM up to US$500MM:  US$5,000
  • AUM of US$ 500MM or greater:  US$10,000

Signatories must represent and warrant that they are not listed or designated on  any of the lists currently promulgated by the United Nations Security Council or its committees pursuant to any resolution issued under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter or on the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms & Individuals.

The Impact Principles require that a Signatory take appropriate administrative, legal, and other measures to implement the Impact Principles throughout the investment lifecycle. Once adopted and signed, a Signatory must not take any action that would undermine the objective and purpose of the Impact Principles.


Organizations that would like to receive the documents that must be completed to become a Signatory may contact: