Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides the Secretariat with advice on the implementation and evolution of the Impact Principles. The Advisory Board's role is entirely advisory without oversight responsibilities or other authority.

Elections for the Advisory Board shall be held every two years.  A member may be reelected to serve for an additional consecutive two-year term. Advisory Board members would serve in their corporate capacity without any fiduciary or similar obligation to Signatories or the Secretariat.

The Advisory Board is chaired by a Convenor, who presides over the meetings of the Advisory Board.  The Convenor's role is solely administrative in nature.  IFC, as the initial host of the Secretariat, serves as the initial Convenor.

The Secretariat may permit one or more key industry organizations to sit in on Advisory Board meetings as observers.

The first Advisory Board was elected by the Signatories in June 2019, each member serving a two-year term.  The members are listed below.



  • Neil Gregory, IFC, Convenor
  • Shade Duffy, AXA-Investment Managers
  • Maria Teresa Zappia, BlueOrchard Finance Ltd.
  • Jennifer Pryce, Calvert impact Capital
  • Colin Buckley, CDC Group
  • EIB
  • Stephanie Emond, FinDev Canada
  • FMO
  • Orlando Ferreira, IDB Invest
  • Nick Moon, LeapFrog Investments
  • Rekha Unnithan, Nuveen, a TIAA company
  • Kevin Lu, Partners Group
  • Huw van Steenis, UBS 
  • Johanna Köb, Zurich Insurance



  • Diane Damskey



  • Amit Bouri, GIIN
  • Clara Barby, IMP