Signatories & Reporting


Signatories to the Principles are impact investors that publicly demonstrate their commitment to implementing a global standard for managing investments for impact. The Principles instill a discipline around impact investing, fostering greater mobilization of capital for impact and a high standard for the social and environmental impact that it can achieve. The Principles assist investors in identifying investments that are being managed for impact and help reduce the dilution of the term “impact” in the marketplace.

Signatories also become part of the community of impact investors working together to learn from one another as they develop and implement best practices in the management of impact investments. As ambassadors for the Principles, many are leading roundtables and workshops or are being featured at industry conferences to showcase the Principles and the way in which asset owners and asset managers invest for impact.

Each Signatory is required to publish an annual Disclosure Statement in which they describe how each Principle is incorporated into its investment process and the extent of its alignment with each Principle. The Disclosure Statement must be published on the Signatory's website, and provide a link to the website to the Secretariat. The first Disclosure Statement must be published on or before the first anniversary of the effective date of the Signatory Letter.

The links to the Disclosure Statements will be posted below. 

In addition to the annual Disclosure Statement, Principle 9 requires that each Signatory provide regular independent verification of the alignment of its impact management systems with the Principles. The verification may also highlight aspects of the systems and processes where alignment may be enhanced. Independent verification may be conducted in different ways, for example, as part of a financial audit or through a portfolio/fund performance evaluation. The verification may be performed by an external third party or by an internal unit of the Signatory.  If the verification is performed by an internal unit, the Signatory must provide a description of the verification process and how it is separate from the operational units. 

The frequency of the verification report may vary depending upon the type of organization.  If it is not performed on an annual basis in conjunction with the annual disclosure statement, the Signatory must disclose the frequency of the independent verification and the underlying rationale. 


Actis UK 2019-04-12 US$ 417.5 mm

Actis Disclosure - March 2020

Verification Summary

Acumen Capital Partners USA 2019-04-12 US$ 67.4 mm

Acumen Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary 

Adenia Partners Mauritius 2020-03-31 US$  
AlphaMundi Group Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 38 mm

AlphaMundi Disclosure - March 2020

Verification Summary

Amundi France 2019-04-12 US$ 1800 mm Amundi Disclosure - July 2020
Arcano Partners Spain 2020-09-07 US$   
AvantFaire Investment Management Limited Hong Kong 2020-06-23 US$  
AXA Investment Managers France 2019-04-12 US$ 600 mm

AXA IM Disclosure - April 2020

Verification Summary

Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) Belgium 2019-04-12 US$ 1141 mm BIO Disclosure - July 2020
Big Society Capital UK 2020-03-30 US$  
BlackRock, Inc. USA 2020-01-10 US$  
Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital USA 2019-04-12 US$ 93 mm

BLAO Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

BlueOrchard Finance Ltd. Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 2500 mm

BlueOrchard Disclosure - Apr. 2020

Verification Summary 

BMO Financial Group Canada 2020-05-13 US$   
BNP Paribas Asset Management France 2019-04-12 US$ 640 mm BNP Paribas Disclosure - July 2020
CAF Corporacion Andina de Fomento Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 632 mm CAF Disclosure - August 2020
Calvert Impact Capital USA 2019-04-12 US$ 415.9 mm

Calvert Disclosure - Mar. 2020

Verification Summary

Capria Ventures USA 2019-04-12 US$ 100 mm

Capria Disclosure - June 2020

Verification Summary

Cardano Development B.V. Netherlands 2019-04-12 US$ 3100 mm Cardano Disclosure - July 2020
CDC Group plc UK 2019-04-12 US$ 5427 mm

CDC Group Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A. Italy 2019-04-12 US$ 5064 mm CDP Disclosure - September 2020
Christian Super Australia 2019-05-31 US$ 92.5 mm Christian Super Disclosure - May 2020
Compania Espanola de Financiacion del Desarrollo, S.A., S.M.E., - COFIDES Spain 2019-04-12 US$ 1112.96 mm

COFIDES Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

Community Investment Management USA 2019-04-12 US$ 1000 mm

CIM Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

Cordiant Capital Inc. Canada 2019-04-12 US$ 565 mm Cordiant Disclosure - July 2020
Credit Suisse AG Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 4266 mm Credit Suisse Disclosure - May 2020
Deetken Impact Sustainable Energy Costa Rica 2020-05-27 US$   
DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Germany 2019-04-12 US$ 10000 mm DEG Disclosure - Apr. 2020
Denham International Power GPLP SCSp USA 2019-07-01 US$ 297 mm

Denham Disclosure - June 2020

Verification Summary

Developing World Markets USA 2019-12-02 US$  
DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA Germany 2019-11-26 US$  
Earth Capital  UK 2020-01-07 US$  
elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization Switzerland 2020-07-15 US$  
European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 275 mm

EDFI Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary 

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (The) Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 51702 mm

EBRD Disclosure - Apr. 2020

Verification Summary

European Investment Bank (The) Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 32992 mm

EIB Disclosure - Mar. 2020

Verification Summary

Finance in Motion GmbH Germany 2019-08-01 US$ 2310 mm Finance in Motion Disclosure - July 2020
FinDev Canada Canada 2019-04-12 US$ 240 mm

FinDev Canada Disclosure - Apr. 2020 EN

FinDev Canada Disclosure - Apr. 2020 FR

Finnfund Finland 2019-04-12 US$ 639 mm Finnfund Disclosure - Mar. 2020
Flat World Partners USA 2019-04-12 US$ 83 mm FWP Disclosure - July 2020
FMO - Dutch Development Bank Netherlands 2019-04-12 US$ 15130 mm

FMO Disclosure - April 2020

Verification Summary

Fortunis Group Limited UK 2020-06-25 US$  
Foundation Corporation Holdings UAE 2020-02-25 US$  
Franklin Templeton Social Infrastructure Fund Luxembourg 2020-03-19 US$  
FullCycle USA 2019-09-19 US$ 250 mm FullCycle Disclosure - September 2020
GEF Capital Partners Latam Brazil 2020-05-21 US$  
I&P France 2019-04-12 US$ 105 mm

I&P Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

IDB Invest Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 12300 mm

IDB Invest Disclosure - April 2020

Verification Summary

IFC Asset Management Company, LLC Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 7000 mm AMC Disclosure - Mar. 2020
Impact Bridge S.A Spain 2020-02-27 US$  
International Finance Corporation (IFC) Multilateral 2019-04-12 US$ 82790 mm

IFC Disclosure - Oct. 2019

Verification Summary

The Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) Denmark 2019-04-12 US$ 936 mm IFU Disclosure - July 2020
Incofin Investment Management Belgium 2019-04-12 US$ 302.76 mm Incofin Disclosure - May 2020
INOKS Capital SA Switzerland 2019-09-27 US$  
Investing for Development SICAV Luxembourg 2019-08-09 US$ 4.1 mm Investing for Development SICAV Disclosure - August 2020
Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) Saudi Arabia 2019-04-12 US$ 1650 mm ICD Disclosure - July 2020
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. USA 2019-04-12 US$ 1300 mm

KKR Disclosure - June 2020

Verification Summary

LeapFrog Investments Mauritius 2019-04-12 US$ 1600 mm

LeapFrog Disclosure - May 2020

Verification Summary

LGT Lightstone Europe LLP UK 2019-04-12 US$ 443 mm LGT Lightstone Disclosure - June 2020
LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 35.5 mm

LGT-VP Disclosure - March 2020

Verification Summary

MicroVest Capital Management LLC USA 2019-04-12 US$ 287 mn

MicroVest Disclosure - Dec. 2019

Verification Summary

Mirova France 2020-03-27 US$  
Mountain Nazca Mexico  2020-01-24    
MIGA USA 2020-02-13 US$  
Neuberger Berman USA 2019-08-15 US$ 59 mm

Neuberger Berman Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary 

Norfund Norway 2019-04-12 US$ 2840.9 mm

Norfund Disclosure - Apr.2020

Verification Summary

Nuveen, a TIAA company USA 2019-04-12 US$ 5371 mm

Nuveen Disclosure - Apr. 2020

Verification Summary

Obviam Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 839 mm Obviam Disclosure - Mar. 2020
Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG (OeEB) Austria 2019-04-12 US$ 1542.2 mm

OeEB Disclosure - Feb. 2020

Verification Summary

Old Mutual Alternative Investments South Africa 2020-08-25 US$  
Omnivore Capital Management Advisors Private Limited India 2020-06-19 US$  
U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (formerly OPIC) USA 2019-04-12 US$ 27700 mm DFC Disclosure - Mar. 2020
Partners Group AG Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 3818 mm

Partners Group Disclosure - Apr. 2020 

Verification Summary

Phatisa Group Limited South Africa 2019-04-12 US$ 329.83 mm

Phatisa Disclosure - March 2020

Verification Summary

The Private Infrastructure Development Group Ltd. UK 2019-10-18 US$  
PROPARCO France 2019-04-12 US$ 5551 mm

Proparco Disclosure - June 2020

Verification Summary

Prorsum Capital  Switzerland 2020-01-11 US$  
Prudential Financial, Inc., Impact Investments Group USA 2019-04-12 US$ 962 mm

Prudential Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

Quona Capital USA 2020-04-10 US$  
RAISE Impact France 2020-06-2 US$  
responsAbility Investments AG Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 3470 mm

ResponsAbility Discosure - April 2020

Verfication Summary

Sarona Asset Management Inc. Canada 2019-06-20 US$ 184 mm Sarona Disclosure - Feb. 2020
SEAF USA 2020-02-06 US$  
SIFEM (Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets) Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 839 mm SIFEM Disclosure - Mar. 2020
STOA Infra & Energy France 2019-04-12 US$ 202.2 mm

STOA Disclosure - Mar 2020

Verification Summary

Swedfund Sweden 2019-04-12 US$ 581 mm

Swedfund Disclosure - Mar. 2020

Symbiotics SA Switzerland 2019-08-06 US$ 2100 mm Symbiotics Disclosure - August 2020
The Osiris Group Hong Kong 2019-06-04 US$ 60 mm

The Osiris Group Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

The Rise Fund USA 2019-04-12 US$ 2100 mm

The Rise Fund Disclosure - April 2020

Verification Summary

TriLinc Global, LLC USA 2020-03-23 US$  
Trill Impact AB Sweden 2020-02-01 US$  
Triple Jump Netherlands 2019-09-12 US$ 1100 mm Triple Jump Disclosure - September 2020
Turk Ventures Advisory Limited UK 2020-04-16 US$  
RockCreek USA 2019-04-12 US$ 14200 mm RockCreek Disclosure - July 2020
UBS Group AG Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 5500 mm

UBS Disclosure - July 2020

Verification Summary

UOB Venture Management Private Limited Singapore 2019-09-09 US$ 54.6 mm

UOB Disclosure - September 2020 

Verification Summary 

VentureWave Capital Ltd. Ireland 2019-06-17 US$ 0 mm VentureWave Disclosure - July 2020 USA 2019-04-12 US$ 769 mm Disclosure - May 2020
WaterEquity USA 2019-04-12 US$ 60 mm WaterEquity Disclosure- Mar. 2020
Zurich Insurance Group Switzerland 2019-04-12 US$ 4600 mm Zurich Disclosure - Mar. 2020
Japan International Cooperation Agency Japan 2019-08-26 US$ 1203 mm JICA Disclosure - August 2020
Albright Capital Management LLC USA 2019-09-01 US$ 0 mm Albright Capital Disclosure - September 2020
Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund USA 2019-08-30 US$ 424.8 mm EAE Fund Disclosure - August 2020
Development Partners International LLP UK 2019-09-20 US$