The Secretariat oversees, administers, and supports the continued promotion and adoption of the Impact Principles.  

The Secretariat is responsible for handling all inquiries from current and prospective Signatories, managing communications, including the website, press and general updates. The Secretariat manages all administration of the Impact Principles, including documentation, maintenance of records, and the budget. 

The Secretariat organizes meetings of the Advisory Board, and convenes Signatories as needed, including for strategic updates, informational sessions or other discussions in support of the advancement of the Impact Principles.  The Secretariat will organize events, meetings and participate in industry conferences to further discussion on and promotion of the Impact Principles.

The Secretariat manages the process of reviewing and updating the Impact Principles in consultation with the Advisory Board and issuing proposed amendments for approval by Signatories.

The Secretariat does not have any responsibility or authority to:

  1. endorse Signatories or certify their compliance with the Impact Principles;
  2. investigate or verify the accuracy of Signatories’ disclosure statements or other marketing materials referencing the Impact Principles;
  3. approve interpretations of the Principles.

IFC was the initial host of the Secretariat.  The GIIN became the successor host in November 2022.


Joohee Rand

Director, Impact Principles | Head of Secretariat

Henry Vehslage


Diane C. Damskey, CFA

Secretariat Emeritus


Operating Principles for Impact Management