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What is impact investing?

Impact Investing is investing into companies and organizations with the intent to contribute to measurable positive social or environmental impact alongside financial returns.

The Impact Principles

The Impact Principles, launched in April 2019, provide a framework for investors to ensure that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout the investment life cycle...

    The Signatories

    Signatories to the Impact Principles are a diverse group of impact investors, comprised of asset managers, asset owners, Multilateral Development Banks and Development Finance Institutions...

      Signatory Process

      Organizations that have established an impact management system that aligns with the Impact Principles may complete the Signatory documentation provided by the Secretariat…

      Latest from the Impact Principles

      BII/Impact Principles Webinar Episode 3: Aligning Incentives with Impact

      Webinar Postcard

      This episode features an engaging discussion with industry leaders from British International Investment, PGIM Real Estate, Quona Capital, and Triple Jump, who provide valuable insights into how incentives in their organizations are linked to impact, what principles inform the design of these incentives, and what implications these incentives have on asset owners, asset managers and the impact investing market.

      BII/Impact Principles Webinar Episode 2: Impact Scorecards


      In this second episode, we discuss Impact Scorecards and hear from industry leaders on how investors assess impact. Featuring panelists Gieltje Adriaans (British International Investment), Veronika Giusti-Keller (BlueOrchard Finance), and Alessandro Maffioli (IDB Invest), we provide invaluable insights on how organizations can use impact scoring to refine impact strategies and reach their goals.

      BII/Impact Principles Webinar Episode 1: Investor Contribution


      In this first of our webinar series, we are excited to bring you a panel discussion featuring industry leaders Rob Davies (British International Investments), Andrew Lee (UBS), and Julie Wallace (LeapFrog Investments). They provide invaluable insights on the significance of contribution in investment decision-making. Our panelists share their perspectives on how to define and approach contribution and its impact on investment decisions. We also explore pertinent topics such as balancing non-financial with financial contribution, and investments where contribution assessment is difficult.

      Impact Principles Webinar Series

      Publications & Media


      2023 GIINsights Report

      The 2023 GIINsight series offers a comprehensive overview of the impact investing industry, with actionable insights on impact investing activity and impact measurement & management practice. Each report seeks to fill a gap on impact investing insights in the market, reflecting data and perspectives from a diverse sample of 308 impact investors globally who collectively manage USD 371 billion in impact investing assets. These reports also explore trends over time, by offering a five-year comparison among 88 repeat respondents of the 2018 Annual Impact Investor Survey and 2023 GIINsights.


      The GIIN's 2022: Sizing the Impact Investing Market Report

      In the GIIN's 2022: Sizing the Impact Investing Market report, the size of the worldwide impact investing market is estimated to be USD 1.164 trillion, reflecting an increasingly comprehensive measurement of impact assets under management globally. The report also provides insight two areas of development in the market that are becoming increasingly prevalent: green bonds and corporate impact investing.


      WEF: 'Private Market Impact Investing: A Turning Point"

      World Economic Forum attributes greater alignment on impact industry standards to the Impact Principles in its publication, ‘Private Market Impact Investing: A Turning Point'. It highlights many Signatories to the Impact Principles (TPG, Actis, Brookfield Asset Management, BlueOrchard Finance Ltd, Mirova, LeapFrog Investments, KKR, responsAbility Investments AG, Trill Impact, Lightrock, Apollo Global Management, Inc., DWS Group) who have paved the way in proving the validity around impact investing.

      We are proud to be the standard for the market, and excited to see how we can keep moving the industry forward. 

      New Signatories in 2023

      • Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)
      • Shinsei Impact Investment Limited
      • Ankur Fincon Management Pvt. Ltd. (Ankur Capital)
      • UB Forest Industry Green Growth Fund I LP
      • Frankfurt School Financial Services
      • GLIN Impact Capital LLP
      • Accion International
      • The Scottish National Investment Bank Plc
      • Peninsula Partners
      • Aliath Bioventures S.L
      • SIIF Impact Capital, Inc. 
      • IP Group 
      • Purpose Capital
      • DEG Impact
      • Capital Medica Ventures Co., Ltd.
      • For Purpose Investment Partners
      • RBC Global Asset Management 
      • Clime Capital Management Pte. Ltd.
      • MPM BioImpact LLC
      • Bain Capital Double Impact, LP